About Me

My name is Denis Lapiner, I create games since 2006. I have worked for 5 years at Limbic Entertainment a game development company in Germany. The biggest game, that I had the chance to work on, was Might&Magic X Legacy produced at Limbic Entertainment for Ubisoft. Since 2014 I've been working as a full time indie game developer. I'm making my own games, but also sell products in the Unity Asset Store.

By the way I'm also looking for work as a freelancer. I call myself a c#/Unity expert. I have started with Unity 2.6 in year 2009 and have gained a lot experience with the Unity engine. Besides, I have coded in c# for almost 10 years. Having worked in the industry and also in many private/university team projects, I claim that I'm a good team player. By the way, I fluently speak English, German and Russian.

If you need a helping hand with c# coding, shader programming or any Unity related stuff, check my CV() and feel free to contact me!

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Denis Lapiner a c#/Unity expert freelancer